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09/18/14 09:04 AM #1    


Jeanette C. Hasselback (Schutz)

This is it, guys!!  50 big ones!!  See you all there on Friday.  Looking forward to it.

Jeanette (Hasselback) Schutz

09/21/14 10:41 AM #2    

Christy (Jane) Wagner (Hinz)

I had a great time seeing everyone and I want to thanks the committee for doing such a great job. They worked so hard. 


The company was fun and it was interesting to learn about the courses they have taken in life, where they live etc.  Jane Hess sure makes good pizza ha ha!


PS I think I saw Jane sneak the kitchen to prepare pizza. She is such marvel ha ha!

09/21/14 03:21 PM #3    


Jeanette C. Hasselback (Schutz)

IA with Janey.  The committee did a wonderful job and deserve our thanks, so thank you committee members!!  Nice Job!! 

09/23/14 07:21 AM #4    

Susan Nichols

In total 500% agreement....fab fun and all kudos to the Organizing Committee. As promised, the band was terrific!! Thanks so very much! Susan Nichols

09/24/14 12:52 PM #5    

Shirley Heppel (Klinkhammer)

What a fantastic time at the 50th reunion...if you missed it, please add it to your "bucket list" to attend the next one.  Kudos to the committee...they did an awesome job!!  It was well worth the trip from Arizona and I plan to continue to attend as long as I'm upright.

09/24/14 02:38 PM #6    

Rosemarie Ritacca (Herman)

What a great time I had. Have not walked the halls of Bradford in 50 yrs. Left Kenosha 46 yrs ago. Amazing how good it felt to reconnect with McKinley Elementay and Junior High friends, and Bradford and UW extension friends. Brought back so many memories.  Hey girls, my feet didn't even hurt after all that fun dancing.A HUGH thanks to the committe for all their hard work. Jjob well done!


09/24/14 03:41 PM #7    

Patricia L. Pierangeli (Mocco)

I thought the Commitee did a fabulous job.  Everything was so well organized.  It was wonderful to see so many people from our High School & Junior High days.  We enjoyed both evenings.  The band was an excellent choice for our erra music.  It was so good to get out there and dance!  It looked to me that everyone had a good time.  Again thank you to the Commitee


09/24/14 03:54 PM #8    

Mary C. Sturzenegger (Reddin)

Thanks to the organizing people and to all the fun-loving attendees.

09/25/14 07:13 AM #9    

William Mikolyzk

The 50th reunion was a wonderful!  Both Diane and I had a great time.  Hats off to the committee for all the work and organization.  A special thank you to Jane Martin Hess for all the years she has coordinated our reunions.  The band was outstanding; the memories remain!

09/25/14 01:44 PM #10    

Wanda R. Burch (Hillmer)

Kudos to everyone on the committee, you did a awesome job on the reunion.  It was great fun seeing so many classmates again.  Hope you keep the site up so we can all keep in touch and up to date on what's happening in everyone's life.  Thanks again for a great job.


10/03/14 08:28 PM #11    


Larry Skilbeck

What a wonderful time I had at the 50th reunion! Hats off to Jane Hess, Joann (Faraone) Frank, Kathy (Schutz) Ladousa, Sue (Strangberg) Rose, and every one else that helped put this 50-Year Reunion together. You guys did a fabulous job, I know it was a lot of hours and hard work so I thank you all, everything was so well organized for both nights. Those that missed the Friday night meet and greet icebreaker do your self a favor next time and make it was a great time and the pizza was great, brought back memory’s of working for Casa Capri part time while in high school. If at all possible I will be sure make the next one.

Larry (Grits) Skilbeck

03/18/15 01:09 PM #12    

Robert D. Brugger

Does anyone know where to contact Don Walden?  I have lost contact with him over the years and he has not signed up as of yet. 

Bob Brugger


03/19/15 08:25 AM #13    

Bruce Hartnell

The last time I heard he was somewhere in Tenn. I would also like to contact him.  The last time I heard from him I was in Viet Nam.



03/20/15 11:58 AM #14    

Kathryn H. Hall (Eppers)

About 10-15 years ago or so, I heard he was doing some kind of construction in Port Charlotte Florida

03/20/15 08:14 PM #15    

Mary J. White (Sherfinski)

Bob I know that Don is on facebook so maybe you can reach him there.

03/25/15 12:41 PM #16    

Carl L Brugger

carl brugger here!!!!  new email address,

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