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Randall B. Jensen

Randall B. Jensen (Randy) of Leesburg, VA passed away at Stone Springs Hospital in Dulles, VA on                   February 13, 2016.  Randy graduated from UW-Madison receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering.

Randy was united in marriage to Constance "Campbell" Jensen on August 26, 1967 in Kenosha.  He is survived by his spouse, Conney, and sons Eric and Kirk, three grandsons, and his siblings.

A complete obituary along with a video of Randy and his family can be viewed by going to Colonial Funeral Home of Leesburg or you can contact Conney at (this per the obituary notice).





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04/20/16 02:13 PM #1    

Kathryn Stoebig (Pluff)

Randy was like another brother to me during our senior year and beyond when we were at UW Extension and UW Madison. When he moved back to Madison to work for Oscar Meyer, our families continued to be close until their move to Maryland. I regret that we did not continue our relationship after that. We had lots of great memories.

04/29/16 10:36 AM #2    

Dennis W. Krippner

Randy and I were in the same gym class at MDB in either our junior or senior year.  To this day, I can distinctly remember how he was the lone standout star when we had pool sessions.  He said he had been a lifeguard that summer and proceeded to totally outclass everyone with his swimming skills.  I remember the swimming coach standing awe-stuck, by the side of the pool, watching Randy gliding effortlessly, lap after lap.  Years later, I would do mile swims trying to emulate his swimming form and coming to the stark realization that it just wasn’t in the cards.

It was a couple years later at UW-K that I had the chance to witness, first-hand, his academic brilliance.  We were enrolled in the same physics with calculus class.  Somehow, I got in the class without having taken calculus yet, and quickly discovered I was in for a long, painful climb.  Randy, on the other hand, glided effortlessly through the class, much like in our swimming classes.  To this day, I am thoroughly convinced he could have just as easily taught the class.  The respect I had for his ability to grasp complex concepts, with such seemingly little effort, has stayed with me through the years.  Though our social circles never seemed to cross, I’ve always carried the deepest respect for him.  I wish I had conveyed that to him much earlier.

05/01/16 05:41 PM #3    

Marsha K. Kellman (Klevickis)

Randy and I shared quite a few college-bound classes for our three years at MDB.  Because of alphabetical seating arrangements, he was only one desk away for three years of English.  I remember him as always smiling and ready with a joke or witty comment.  I often found myself as an intermediary for notes surreptiously passed during particularly boring classes.  We lost touch after moving on to UW.  The last time I saw him was at the 1974 MDB reunion.  Decades later, I still remember his smiling face and ready laugh.  

06/25/16 10:48 PM #4    

Marcia A. Dumesic (McDonald)

Conney, I am so sorry to hear of Randy's passing.  I have fond memories of joking and laughing between classes at UW Kenosha.  I remember being in your Madison apartment with you ironing and Randy telling a story.  Those were the days!

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