In Memory

Robert A. Ziesmer

Received information from a classmate that Bob passed away several years ago.  No further information was provided.

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03/04/19 11:37 AM #1    

Charles O. Haubrich

Bob Ziesmer graduated from UW Madison in 1968 with a degree in computer science.  Everyone I knew wanted to work in Mad city after graduation.  Bob was one of the few who found a job.  He married and had two daughters, but tragically had a massive stroke on December 6, 1996 and died at age 50 a few days later. His sister suggested donating his organs.  His oldest daughter, who was 17, said "Dad would love that".  His heart, liver, pancreas, kidneys and one lung were immediately transplanted. His eyes, skin, bone and connective tissue were placed in an organ bank.  

Mitch Urbanski, Steve Rumachik, Bob and I were best friends from Highland grade school in Pleasant Prairie through high school.  In our senior year we road to school in Bob's 1955 Oldsmobile.  We each pitched in a couple dollars a month for gas.  It only cost $0.30 a gallon.  Mitch also died prematurely of a heart attach at age 62.  Steve married my ex-wife around 1985.  What else are good friends for?                                                                         Chuck Haubrich 



03/06/19 09:04 PM #2    

Ronald Selin

 One of my great memories of Bob was on a camping trip to Door County with a bunch of guys. We each took a night to cook dinner on Bob’s night he said he would make spaghetti, he cooked the pasta and put some catchup on it and that was our dinner.  Then one night he was walking around barefoot and stepped on a burning piece of charcoal, as he hopped around the camp fire in pain, all the guys just stood around  clapping,no mercy !

Ron Selin

03/08/19 01:02 PM #3    

Charles O. Haubrich

First a couple of spelling corrections from my first posting: " we rode to school" and "Mitch also died prematurely of a heart attack".  I should never do email after the evening cocktail hour.  

I was with the group Ron mentions at Peninula Park.  I recall the others were Leon Dorff, Larry Mueller and maybe Jim Jensen.  We kept a total of the number of young ladies lured into our camp that week, which I believe reached 21.  Leon and Larry were going with sisters who showed up sometime during the week.  Larry married Louie.  We gave Leon grief about going with her 16 year old sister, although we were all jealous because she was quite mature physically for her age. I roomed with Leon in Madison in 1967.  He later decamped to Canada rather than go to Vietnam.

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