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Archie Maxwell

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06/25/14 12:48 PM #5    

Peter R. Falcone

Does anyone do genealogy? If so, this could be a project for someone in their leisure retirement years to look up as many on the list as possible and fill the void we all feel because of the difficulty in being able to glean this information. It is a list we all appreciate having, but we all wonder what happened, and when. Let me know.


06/27/14 02:06 PM #6    

Timothy Margetson

Poor Archie!  All this activity and discussion on your In Memory page, and so little of it focused on you.  You would be telling me by now, " At least it is not someone else's page."  So, here we go.  Archie and I met when we were 9 or 10, and playing youth baseball for the KYF.  This was for kids who were not good enough to play Little League.  His mother was the coach, which was of no help to Archie, and not too good for the rest of us.  In addition, Archie really never liked his name and was teased about it often.  Our friendship was not always smooth.  Example:  A pair of scissors and two rubbers ( for the feet), a conversation between our mothers, me sitting on the basement stairs, and my mother finally asking me, " Did you really do that?"  We remained friends through highschool and then went our seperate ways.  I knew he had passed on, but I could not remember when, so, I thank you for the info Tom.  All he ever wanted was to fit in, and to be liked.  Most of all, he had this air of mischief about him and a twinkle in his eyes.  RIP my friend!!

06/27/14 04:07 PM #7    

Alan E. Bella

Great comments, Tim.  And Pete, who is having a leasure retirement.  Gladly not me...  See you all at the reunion.

06/28/14 09:12 AM #8    

Elizabeth J. Shipley

Well done Tim, don't we all want to fit in to some extent? Pete were in the art department at UWM?

06/28/14 06:41 PM #9    

Shirley Heppel (Klinkhammer)

What I remember about Archie is that he managed to get his butt in trouble most of the time.  I particularly remember the day that Mr. Scropos (not sure I spelled this correctly) in English class picked up an unabridged dictionary and heaved it at Archie because he was talking.  It narrowly missed hitting him in the head!!  I remember him as always being a fun guy!  He died too early.

06/28/14 08:44 PM #10    

Larry Skilbeck

I seam to remember the name but really don't remember who Archie was. I picture of him and others would be helpful when posting to the site. I know most of us don't really like the High School Pictures but it would help jog the memory. Did Archie play any sports and what Jr. High did he attend? Seams like I might have played football or ran track with him at McKinley.

06/29/14 11:49 AM #11    

Wanda R. Burch (Hillmer)

Larry, Archie went to Lincoln Jr. High and the Year Book says he played Sophomore football and was on the golf team his senior year. I can't help but think that Archie would be pleased that his memory has sparked so much discussion. Bless you Archie, you are still making me smile!

06/29/14 04:16 PM #12    

Sherwin Kruger

Archie and I were friends during 5th & 6th grade at Sunnyside Elem.  His mother was also a crossing guard at one of the busy corners.  Tim we have some common memories of Archie.  He and I often played together at his house on 22 Ave.  It does seem that we would often have some kind of disagreement during play.  I won't rule out the possibility that I may have caused it.  I do recall Mrs Maxwell having to step in as arbitrator on occassion.  In any case, we continued our friendship and during those years.  I do recalll being on a baseball team with Archie, maybe some KYF league, and I do think his mom was the coach.  A couple of other thoughts, although a bit fuzzy.  Archie may have been on the Lincoln Jr football teams with us in 8th & 9th grade and he may have had a role in our Ding Dong School skit at Lincoln.  Unfortunately, I lost track of him after Jr High.  It's be nice to think back about those good times when we were all so innocent.  Bless you Archie.


07/01/14 11:00 AM #13    

Larry Skilbeck

Thank You Wanda and Sherwin Archie must have made an impression on me while playing football because that is the only thing that seams we had in common and we where on apposing teams. As we had a cabin on Silver Lake for the summer I never was involved in any city sports. The only other place we might have met would have been in Scouts I was in Boy Scouts what they call Explorer Scouts, a troop that was involved in water skiing.


P.S. I now go by the name of Grits Skilbeck. Was given that name 36 years ago and have used it ever since.

07/02/14 08:42 AM #14    

Jane A. Friedl (Jensen)

I don't know what happened, but I sure liked Archie. Never heard much about him after high school. He may not have liked his name but he always said he liked the way my lips looked when I said it. And, yes, he was a fun guy, he always made me laugh.


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