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Sharon Probst (Hartnell)

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08/16/14 03:08 PM #1    

Jane A. Friedl (Jensen)

Went to grade school with Sharon. She was a good person.


08/17/14 12:36 PM #2    

Bruce Hartnell

I've asked my twin brother and my sister and my older brother and as far as we new we were the only Hartnell's in Kenosha.  Was she from the Salem clan.  Where she was from I only hope she is at the right hand of the Lord now.

08/18/14 12:45 PM #3    

John M Christensen

I remember Janet Hartnell who was in the Class of '63.  Does anyone else remember Janet?

08/19/14 09:24 AM #4    

Bruce Hartnell

Janet Hartnell is my sister and lives in Illinios now and is retired

08/20/14 09:31 AM #5    

John M Christensen

Bruce, did you live at 8520 18th Avenue?  I lived at 8524 18th Avenue.  Larry Harvill lived between Janet and me, but I don't remember ever seeing you or your brother. 

08/21/14 09:40 AM #6    

Brian Hartnell

This is Bruce's brother Brian answering your question. In grade school we lived in an apartment above a store & bar on 14th Ave and 63rd street which was right next to The American Brass factory Entrance. Then in High School we moved a couple blocks North and west to 18th and I believe it was 67th street so we were quite far from your 8520 address. You were on the north side and we were in the middle of town. Did you know my girlfriend and eventually wife, Kristie Shelley because she lived in the 8500 block area but I don't remember the avenue. I remember it was a long walk though! In those days the incentive to walk that distance was enough to get you moving. Not so much nowadays anymore. It was also good to have buses in those days.

08/21/14 09:53 AM #7    

Bruce Hartnell

Brian was a little off we moved when we were around 10 and it was 1625 61st street but he was right about a long walk everywhere we went my girlfriend lived down by simons island but it was okay to walk then her name was Glory Kiefer.  Brian worked at the Ford dealer and I packed beer bottles for a loc. tavern those were the days.  We went to Frank school then to Lincoln Jr High then Bradford and all walking in those days rain or shine, it made better people then and dependent on no one.   

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