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Francere Streeter (Gholston-Taylor)

Francere STREETER Gholston-Taylor passed away on August 20, 2016 in Racine, Wisconsin.  Funeral services were held on August 30, 2016 at St. Paul Missionary Baptish Church, Racine, WI with interment at Graceland Cemetery.

Francere was born in Chicago, Il, moving to Kenosha, WI as a child.  She professed Christ at a very early age at Second Missionary Baptist Church in Kenosha being reared into gospel music as a vocal singer and director.  She performed with many different musical choirs and groups.

Francere married Joenathan Gholston Sr. in l965.  To this union, Joenathan Gholston Jr. was born.  Francere furthered her education in Kenosha, and then later moved to Racine where she married Charles E. Taylor.  She taught for Racine Unified School District working at Gilmore Middle School and Park High School.  Her motto became, "Reach one, Teach one."  Upon retiring from Racine Unified School District, she moved to New Hope, MN and worked part-time.

She is survived by her husband and son, one grandchild and two great grandchildren and her three sisters, Delores Morris, Rochelle Streeter-Jackson and Charity Streeter.  She was preceded in death by her parents, her sisters,  Constalyn M. Mayfield and Charlena Streeter and her brothers, William H. Streeter III and Leonard S. Streeter.

Draeger Langendorf Funeral Home , Racine, WI assisted the family.



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01/18/17 11:00 AM #1    

Elizabeth J. Shipley

We go back to elementary school. So sorry she died so young. I liked her very much. Libby Shipley

01/18/17 12:10 PM #2    

Kathryn Stoebig (Pluff)

Francere and I were often next to each other because of our last names being so close alphabetically. I remember how much we laughed. She had such a kind heart and spirit. I wish we could have reconnected at the 50th. RIP Francere.

01/18/17 03:17 PM #3    

Rodney (Rod) R. Fraid

I was so fortunate to have met Francere at McKinley Jr. High. She was a sweet girl and a lot of fun to be around.

01/18/17 04:41 PM #4    

Sandra Krusa (Gillespie)

I am so grateful this beautiful kind soul crossed my life path - she had the best sister hugs before the concept of having a soul sister was even part of our culture!  My most sincere condolences to her family. 

01/19/17 10:28 PM #5    

Wanda R. Burch (Hillmer)

I met Francere at McKinley and we were in Senior Girls Choir and gym together at Bradford.  Boy did we have fun in what we called "Romper Room."  When we were sent to the basement to play shuffle board, she and I would take one of the janitor's 55 gallon heavy cardboard roll arounds with wheels on the bottom and give each other rides around the basement.  We never did get caught.  And, she could dance the Watusi better than anyone!  She was so much fun to be around; just a really sweet person with a great smile.  I just wish she had come to the 50th reunion; it would have been so nice to catch up on old times. 

01/20/17 12:08 PM #6    

Cynthia Holderness (Lichter)

Francere and I were in the same home room and shared a locker for three years. She was always very nice and a lot of fun. I remember playing intramural basketball with her and others from our home room. Brings back fond memories of McKinley. 

01/22/17 09:33 AM #7    

Diane L. Gotsche (Wagner)

I wish i would have known Francere full name to have contacted her, I will always remember her



05/12/20 05:22 PM #8    

Timothy Margetson

Lincoln Elementary, 5th and 6th grades. Francere, Jane Bower, Freddie D.and I became good friends. We just seemed to really enjoy each others company, and boy how we would laugh. Francere moved and went to McKinley for junior high school. Fast forward to square dancing when we were sophomores. Girls in a circle waiting for the boys to come into the gym. I saw her right away, exchanging waves and big smiles. So, the girls go one way with the boys circling in the opposite direction. Who ever you ended up standing in front of when the music stopped was to be your partner for that class. Except Francere had different plans. When we got close to each other, she just reached out and grabbed me, creating quite a pileup in both circles. She told me later she had made up her mind as soon as I walked into the gym. I was so glad, and happy to see my friend again. Now, neither one of us had a clue as to what square dancing was all about, but it didn't matter. Once again, we had a chance to laugh and share. I will always remember the bear hug she gave at the end of the class. A very special moment in time for two good friends. Everthing that has been written before about how she touched one's life speaks volumes as to who Francere was and to why she is missed to this day. 

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